Colleagues remember Professor Emeritus Roger Green

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Professor Emeritus Roger Green, who died on August 11, is remembered as an expert in bridge design and a highly engaging instructor with a great sense of humour and an unrivalled level of enthusiasm for his field of expertise.

His former colleague Scott Walbridge, a civil and environmental engineering professor, says Green "contributed to the development of bridge design standards for the CSA for many years in a variety of areas and was a regular presence on campus who was particularly generous with his knowledge

Professor emeritus Roger Green
and time long after he retired.”

Professor Emeritus Roger Green

Born in London, UK, Green received an engineering degree from University College, London and emigrated to Canada in 1955. He completed his MSc in civil engineering at Queen’s University, an MSc in applied mathematics at the University of Waterloo and his PhD at the University of Texas at Austin.

Green joined Waterloo as a lecturer in December 1960 and became a full civil engineering professor in July 1975. In 1996, he took early retirement offered through Waterloo’s Special Early Retirement Program (SERP). From May 2005 to July 2017, he worked part-time as an adjunct faculty member in Waterloo's civil and environmental engineering department. 

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