Courses for your Economics degree

First-year courses

As an Arts student, you’ll choose your major at the end of first year. You’re encouraged to explore a second major in first year to discover potential new interests.

In your Arts First courses, instead of going to a lecture hall, you and your classmates will work together to respond to an intriguing challenge. With only 25 students in each of the two first-year courses, you might address topics such as The Science of Happiness, Are We Erasing History?, Games and Culture, and Writing About Poems and Songs.

You can choose to study Economics through Honours Arts or Honours Arts and Business

Honours Arts

September to December

  • ECON 101 – Introduction to Microeconomics
  • Arts First requirement 1
  • Prospective major #2
  • Two electives

January to April

  • ECON 102 – Introduction to Macroeconomics
  • Arts First requirement 2
  • Prospective major #2
  • Two electives

This is a sample schedule. Courses or when a course is offered may change depending on availability.

Honours Arts and Business

September to December

  • ARBUS 101 – Introduction to Business in North America
  • ECON 101 – Introduction to Microeconomics
  • Arts First Requirement 1
  • Prospective major #2
  • Elective

January to April

  • ARBUS 102 – Accounting Information for Managers
  • ARBUS 202 – Professional and Business Ethics
  • Arts First Requirement 2
  • Prospective major #2
  • Elective

This is a sample schedule. Courses or when a course is offered may change depending on availability.

After first year

40% of the classes you’ll take will be Economics courses. With your remaining classes, you can choose electives from many of the 100 subject areas at Waterloo.

Choose from courses that span social sciences, international economic development, public policy, and political science.

Sample upper-year courses

ECON 206 – Money and Banking I
ECON 290 – Models of Choice in Competitive Markets
ECON 332 – International Finance
ECON 409 – Workers, Jobs, and Wages


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