How to use your WatCard

Showing you an important part of campus life

Wat? Wat is a WatCard? A WatCard is the identification used for all University of Waterloo students. But it is so much more than a piece of ID. Here are more great ways you can use your WatCard!

Spend securely on campus

Types of funds

There are two types of funds that can be added to your WatCard. Flex Dollars can be used at any location that accepts WatCard. This includes both on-campus vendors and off-campus vendors. Meal Plan money can be used at any of the Food Services Locations on campus.

Pay for food

If you’re living in residence, your meal plan dollars are loaded onto your WatCard. This means you pay by scanning your WatCard for whatever food you buy on campus. This includes the on-campus Tim Hortons, Starbucks, Cha Time, Subway, and more!

If you have a meal plan, keep an eye on your balance and which services you are using. For example, because International News offers retail products as well as food, any snacks you buy will be paid for with Flex Dollars, not your meal plan.

Pay for school supplies

You can use your WatCard at on-campus retail stores to buy books, pens and pencils, electronics, backpacks, and other school supplies. It also works at any of the printers on campus, so you don't need to panic if you forget a hard-copy assignment at home.

Get involved in the community

Student ID

Anytime you need a piece of student ID, you can use your WatCard. Look out for student discounts.

You also need your WatCard at all exams as a form of ID!

Library card

Your WatCard is also used as your library card at all of Waterloo’s libraries, so there's no need for a separate card!

Take the bus, ride the train, or go to the gym

Your WatCard is also your pass for the Grand River Transit system. That means you can jump on any GRT bus or the ION light rail train for off-campus adventures. Just tap your card on the platform card reader when you board, and don’t worry about paying the fare.

The WatCard is also used as your gym pass for all of Waterloo’s on-campus fitness facilities. Use it to sign up for fitness classes as well!


Your WatCard is more than just a card! It’s your pass to working out, getting around town, reading, eating, and buying while you’re at the University of Waterloo! Keep it with you at all times, keep it safe, and don’t forget to use it!

To get your WatCard, simply bring a piece of government-issued photo ID to the WatCard office (located in the Student Life Centre) and the staff will print one for you on site. Check out the WatCard FAQ for more information, and to learn what to do if you misplace yours.