Waterloo Region Record 40 Under 40

The Waterloo Region Record shines a light on 40 outstanding young people in our community. From the arts to education and industry, these 40 people under the age of 40 represent the many individuals who are making a difference in our region. This recognition celebrates their contributions and honours them as true leaders.


Matthew Stevens
BASc 2004, Chemical Engineering (with Management Sciences option)
PhD 2009, Chemical Engineering
Adjunct Professor, Chemical Engineering


John Baker
BASc 2000, Systems Design Engineering (with Management Sciences option)

Ray Cao
Systems Design student

Chantal R. Cornu
BES 2003, Architecture
MArch 2006, Architecture

Prem Gururajan
BASc 2003, Computer Engineering (with International Studies option)
MBET 2005

Susan L. Tighe
MASc 1997, Civil Engineering
PhD 2000, Civil Engineering
Associate Professor, Civil Engineering