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PhD Comprehensive Exam Extension

What if I cannot complete my Comprehensive Exam by the deadline?

If you are unable to complete the Comprehensive Exam milestone by the terms noted on the  PhD Comprehensive Exam page, you will be required to complete a PhD Comprehensive Request for Time Limit Extension Form.

Currently, all of the requests for extension must be approved by your Supervisor, the Associate Chair, Graduate Studies, and the Associate Dean, Graduate Studies. 

If you do not submit a request for extension, or if your extension is not approved, you may be required to withdraw.

Changes for Fall 2016

This request will have to be approved by your supervisor and your department's Associate Chair, Graduate Studies for you to be able to continue in the program.

Beginning Fall 2016, if you are three or more terms over this deadline, the Associate Dean's approval will also be required.  

These requests will be due each term to your department coordinator: 

  • Spring: April 15 
  • Fall: August 15 
  • Winter: December 15