Information for

Program time limit extensions

Each term you are over your program time limit you must submit a  Petition for Extension of Program Time Limit form to your Department Coordinator once you have received your supervisor(s) approval. 

Deadlines for submission are:

  • Spring Term: April 15
  • Fall Term: August 15
  • Winter Term: December 15

Master’s students: you must specify a timeline for degree completion. Please include your plan to complete all remaining degree requirements and the submission of the thesis to your Examining Committee.  

PhD students: you must include a PhD Advisory Committee report (pdf) signed by your committee.

Once you are 3 terms past your program time limit your extension needs approval from the Associate Dean, Graduate Studies. 

If you fail to complete a petition for extension you will be required to withdraw from your program.

Should your supervisor, department, or Associate Dean,Graduate Studies not approve your petition for extension, you will be required to withdraw from your graduate program.