Information for courses is located in various places. This page is intended to provide a list of possible references.

Course syllabus

The most important and final authority on a course's information is the course syllabus. The course syllabus is to be available to you at the end of the first week of classes. This web page describes all aspects of the course including content, assessments, and timing constraints.

Calendar description

The University of Waterloo Undergraduate Studies Academic Calendar provides a list of current courses with course descriptions, but does not provide specific information on course availability.

Course availability

The Registrar's Office maintains an area of the web that lists a schedule of classes for the current and next academic terms. The terms are listed using the term code. In addition there is a list of future courses (Course Selection) for the second future term. The information for the next term evolves until the final schedule is set.

Midterm examination schedules

The midterm schedules are completed by either the department or the instructor. You will need to obtain the date and room assignment information by consulting with the instructor in your course.

Final examination schedule and information

Most final examinations are scheduled or supported in some way by the Registrar's Office. Each term a final exam schedule is posted. In some cases you may have some form of conflict with the examination timing. You are to discuss this with your instructor within one week of the posting of the final exam schedule or your academic advisor. There are a number of university approved examination regulations.

Also see Course evaluations (course critiques).