WISE Public Lecture: Navigating Ontario’s Evolving Energy Landscape – A Utility’s ExperienceExport this event to calendar

Monday, September 11, 2017 — 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM EDT

Nirupa Balendran, Conservation Energy Manager, Newmarket-Tay Power Distribution Inc.

Several coincident yet significant energy transformations are revolutionizing the way electricity is generated, transmitted and distributed in Ontario. Climate change, technological innovation, shift in electricity demand and expanding customer expectations are leading to an evident disruption in what was once a centralized monopoly utility business. Local distribution companies (LDCs) must navigate these changes to continue to deliver safe and reliable electricity to their customers.

Newmarket – Tay Power Distribution is at the forefront in exploring potential solutions being driven by these changes. Today’s lecture will present some of the innovative projects happening in Newmarket that, upon implementation, will provide direction for the future of Ontario’s electricity sector. These projects cover the areas of: Energy Conservation (reducing energy consumption through energy efficiency projects), Demand Management (Class A Global Adjustment Industrial Initiative), Large Scale Distribution Connected Battery Storage Pilot and Bus Transit Electrification (low-carbon fuel source).

Nirupa Balendran:
Nirupa currently holds the position of Conservation Energy Manager at Newmarket-Tay Power Distribution Inc. In her current role, she works with Newmarket’s residential, commercial and industrial customers to identify and implement energy-efficiency projects at their facilities. These projects enable better load management at the customer / utility levels as well as contribute the achievement of fixed energy conservation targets at the provincial level. Nirupa holds a B.A.Sc (Chemical Engineering), with a minor in Sustainable Energy, from the University of Toronto. She is also a Certified Energy Manager and has over 5 years of experience working in the energy sector. This experience ranges from energy consulting to program design, implementation and delivery of energy conservation initiatives.

Ted Wojcinski: Ted is a seasoned utility Executive with over 37 years of engineering, operations and management expertise and a proven track record in the electricity distribution utility industry. Ted holds a B.A.Sc. (Electrical Engineering) from the University of Toronto, Management and Administration certification (C.I.M.) designation from the Canadian Institute of Management and a Masters Certificate in Electricity Sector Leadership (MCESL) from the Schulich School of Business. Ted is a licensed Professional Engineer in the Province of Ontario and is a Senior Member of the IEEE.


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