Engineering awards dinner celebrates students, staff, faculty and alumni

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Exceptional students, faculty, staff and alumni were honoured at the 2013 Waterloo Engineering Awards Dinner held on November 21.  Student awards winners and guests                  

Over 2,500 students received awards this year for everything from top marks, to extracurricular activities, such as leadership, community engagement and involvement in athletics.    

Faculty of Engineering medals were presented to the following Waterloo alumni:

The Alumni Achievement Medal for Professional Achievement was awarded to Lynnette Madsen (BASc ’86, Elect). 

Pearl Sullivan and Lynnette Madsen

Dean Pearl Sullivan presents medal to Lynnette Madsen

As the program director of ceramics for the National Science Foundation based in Arlington, Virginia, Lynnette Madsen manages the portfolio of science funding at the foundation and is the primary provider of national funds for the fields of ceramics and electronic ceramics.                                                   

The Team Alumni Achievement Medal was awarded to Waterloo Ontario-based Sony, whose three founders are all Waterloo Engineering graduates.

Sony Waterloo winners

Team Alumni Achievement Medal winners from Sony in Waterloo

Team Alumni Achievement Medal winners from Sony in Waterloo Steve Brenneman (BASc ’98, Comp), Anton (Tony) Jedlovsky (BASc ’98, Elect), and Brian Orr (BASc ’98 Comp) are committed to developing cutting-edge software products and growing a dynamic team that includes Waterloo Engineering co-op students and alumni.                                             

Andrew J. Clinton award winner

Dean Pearl Sullivan presents Young Alumni Achievement Medal to Andrew Clinton 

The Young Alumni Achievement Medal was presented to Andrew Clinton (BASc ’05, Comp). His ground-breaking work on the invention of microvoxels is considered by the film industry as game-changing technology that has had a tremendous impact on the way visual effects are produced in movies today.  In 2012, Clinton received a Technical Achievement Academy Award for inventing microvoxels.  Clinton currently works at Side Effects Software in Toronto.  His introduction to Side Effects began as a Waterloo Engineering co-op student.

Staff and Faculty honours

Pearl Sullivan, dean of Waterloo Engineering, also recognized this year's winners of the staff and faculty awards announced in October and acknowledged the winners of the prestigious Queen Elizabeth the II's Diamond Jubilee Medal awarded to Canadians who made exemplary contributions to their communities or to Canada as a whole.

The four recipients of the prestigious honour were: Ralph Haas, Carolyn Hansson, Garry Rempel (pictured right) and Peter Roe.  

Garry Rempel

Sullivan also recognized Amir Khajepour, a Waterloo mechanical and mechatronics engineering professor and the Canada Research Chair in Mechatronic Vehicle Systems, who will receive an Engineering Medal in research and development from the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers at its awards’ gala on November 23.

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