Management engineering student a top Co-op Student of the Year

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Jordan Grant is Waterloo Engineering's co-op student of the year.

The University of Waterloo honoured the management engineering student and five others at a ceremony on March 15 with the University’s top award for students in a co-op program for their contributions to co-operative education and their community.

2016 University of Waterloo Co-op Students of the Year

The 2015 University of Waterloo Co-op Students of the Year, from left to right, Joey Pereira, Emily West, Andrew MacDonald, Rachel McDonald, Vinita Dhir and Jordan Grant of management engineering.

Grant was recognized for his co-op term spent as an innovation analyst at Delottie.  Challenged to create something during his co-op term, he developed the Deloitte Tech Exchange (DTEX). DTEX is an event that gives Waterloo students the chance to work with high-end technology that would otherwise be unattainable due to cost. The event gives students the experience and resources necessary to take them through the design process, where they must find a solution to an industry problem.

We take great pride in the strong contributions our students make on their work terms,” said Rocco Fondacaro, acting executive director of Co-operative Education Career Action at Waterloo. “This year’s winners embody the world-class talent that thrives here at the University, finding solutions that drive innovation and improve the lives of people in their community and beyond.”  

Kai Slaughter, a chemical engineering student, was one of three students who received honourable mentions for Waterloo’s 2015 co-op student of the year awards. 

Rachel McDonald, an applied health sciences student, won the national Co-op Student of the Year Award.  She was the second University of Waterloo student in two years to win the award.  In 2015, Andrew Andrade, now a fourth-year mechatronics engineering student, received the country's highest co-op student honour.  

The Canadian Association for Co-operative Education leads National Co-op Week, which celebrates the growth of co-operative education programs across the country. Waterloo is the world leader in co-operative education, and is home to the world’s largest co-op program.