President's Research Award

The President's Research Award is a $1500 award available to eligible full-time undergraduate students who were recipients of the President’s Scholarship of Distinction and are interested in pursuing an on-campus research experience, under the supervision of a University of Waterloo researcher.

Eligibility criteria

  • You must have received the President's Scholarship of Distinction Entrance Scholarship.
  • You must have completed Year One with a cumulative average of at least 80%.
  • You must be a continuing full-time undergraduate student registered with the University of Waterloo.
  • The position must be under the supervision of a University of Waterloo researcher.
  • The research experience may be a part-time position during a full-time study term, or a full-time co-op placement term, or a full-time summer term and it must be undertaken at a University of Waterloo research location. 
  • A student who is working full-time may receive additional salary from an approved funding source (e.g. departmental research funds, undergraduate research internship program, Work Placement program, etc.). Any additional salary must be authorized by the supervisor and/or Department.
  • Research undertaken as part of course requirements is not considered eligible for the purpose of this award.
  • You may claim two President’s Research Awards rather than one of this award and one the President’s International Experience Award, provided they are for two distinct research experiences.

Research opportunities

There are three structured opportunities available that qualify under this award:

Note: You are free to develop your own research experience with a UW researcher as long as it meets the criteria of the award.

How to apply

  • Locate a UW researcher to supervise your research.
  • Once you have found a research position and connected with the research supervisor, complete the President’s Research Award online form.
  • Full eligibility details and application instructions can be found on the application/claim form.

Award application deadline

You should apply to this award before you begin the research experience, but no later than the following deadlines:

  • October 1st for fall-term research
  • February 1st for winter-term research
  • June 1st for spring-term research

Note: Plan ahead - explore research opportunities well before the term that you wish to claim the award.


  • $1,500 will be paid through your UW student account at the mid-point of the research term.
  • The award will be pro-rated if you fail to complete the assignment.