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The Green Office program is a way for staff and faculty to be a part of the change they want to see at University of Waterloo. The program was piloted in January 2016 to evaluate successes, challenges, and required resources. The Green Office Overview (PDF) outlines steps to improve sustainability of your own office.

If you are interested in joining the DOE Green Team, please contact Kathy Becker or Tim Weber-Kraljevski who are the current ambassadors for our office.

Sign the Pledge!

  • 75% 84% of Dean of Engineering employees have signed the pledge so far!

I support my department's participation as a green office and will reduce my environmental footprint at work wherever possible

Sustainability Stories

tupperware lunch!

Homemade meals are not only more delicious and help out your wallet, they are great for the environment too!

The life cycle of homemade food has a significantly lower impact than 'convenience foods'. Read more about this issue and start by bringing homemade food in reusable containers for lunch!

Have an awesome 'Sustainable Story' that you'd like to share? Contact us!

Reusable Water Bottles

You can make a difference with something as simple as your water bottle! There are so many fun reusable water bottles to pick from, why ever buy disposable water bottles? And don't stop there! Get in the habit of bringing a reusable mug for all that coffee/tea you're drinking :)

Dean of Engineering Green Office Team


  • Kathy Becker, Teaching Portfolio
  • Daniella Cross, Advancement & Alumni Affairs (Marketing and Communications)
  • Cindy Howe, International Office
  • Tracy Solomon, Graduate Studies
  • Jared Stryker, Outreach Office
  • Jon Walgate, Research Office
  • Tim Weber-Kraljevski, Dean's Office
  • Tracy Williams, Dean's Office
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Links to downloadable resources:

Green Office Certification

As of June 2019, the Dean of Engineering Office is certified as a Silver Certified Office. Woot! We're currently working on our gold certification.

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