Program withdrawal

Voluntary withdrawal

You can voluntarily withdraw from your program using the Change of enrolment status form.

If you wish to withdraw from your program and receive a tuition refund, your Change of enrolment status form must be processed before the refund deadline.

Required to withdraw

If you fail a course, your average falls below your program's required minimum, or you otherwise do not perform to the expected standard of a University of Waterloo graduate student, you will automatically undergo a formal academic review. Your department's Graduate Studies Review Committee may recommend that you be required to withdraw from your program. 

A note of "required to withdraw" will be added to your student record and transcript.

You will be given a copy of a written decision that will be added to your student file. Your Department will report the decision to the Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and the Director, Graduate Academic Services.

Appeal process

As per Policy 70, you can submit an appeal of the departmental decision to the Associate Dean, Graduate Studies.

Appeals must be submitted in writing within the window of time stipulated in Policy 70.