Prof leads journal dedicated to sustainable solutions

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Dr. Michael Tam, a chemical engineering professor and University Research Chair, was announced as the inaugural deputy editor of a cutting-edge new journal that will publish novel and globally relevant original research dedicated to advancing the United Nations' sustainable development goals. 

Tam will lead the American Chemical Society's (ACS) new journal Sustainable Resource Management, which will feature emerging technologies that close the loop using various processes to convert natural and waste resources into useful intermediates and products. The journal begins accepting submissions on July 12, 2023, and aims to publish its first edition in January 2024.

Dr. Michael Tam was recently announced as the inaugural deputy editor for the American Chemical Society's new journal Sustainable Resource Management.

"Humanity faces the great challenges of climate change, pollution, and other environmental threats," says Tam. "This journal will provide a forum for researchers from around the globe to report on their innovations that aim to close the knowledge gap surrounding these critical issues."

Tam's research is focused on developing sustainable solutions by harnessing the power of natural resources that satisfy the net-zero economy - including his work on the development of sustainable packaging systems.

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Dr. Michael Tam