The teaching assistant (TA) role is an exciting step in graduate student development, as you will begin to view teaching, learning and your own academic discipline through a new lens.

Developing teaching skills

Engineering graduate students are strongly encouraged to connect with the University of Waterloo’s Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE).

CTE offers several opportunities for graduate students to develop their skills in both online and face-to-face teaching. Topics include how students learn, online course development, gamification in education, and everything in between. In particular, CTE's core Fundamentals of University Teaching Program is an efficient way to build your teaching skills. All workshops and sessions are provided at no cost to graduate students, and some UWaterloo-based programs will appear on your transcript. Visit for details on programs and workshops.

CTE also maintains an extensive library of Teaching Tips and a complete TA Handbook that new TAs may find helpful.

Leading tutorials

In fall 2015, we recorded the tutorial sessions of two experienced teaching assistants (TAs), Golnaz Bohlouli and Robie Hennigar, as they worked with Waterloo Engineering students in a first-year physics course. A series of videos on different topics was created containing tips based on the observed behaviours of these exemplary TAs. View the Exemplary Tutorials video series or choose a topic below for text-only tips.

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