Study skills

I have poor study skills. What should I do?

  • Meet with one of the academic advisors in the First Year Engineering Office by booking an appointment through the Engineering Undergraduate Office (phone: 519-888-4761) or via online booking. You can also drop by the office in E2 1772 and meet with an advisor if one is available.
  • Talk to successful peers and/or First-Year Engineering Tutors (FYET) about their study habits. FYETs can be found in E2 1786.
  • The Student Success Office (SSO) has multiple learning resources available to help, including:
  • Campus Wellness have shared tips on stress management.
    • Talking to a counsellor can be a great help. You can register with counselling, or if you can't wait for an intake, there are same-day appointments available Wednesday and Thursday. 
  • The AccessAbility office offers many workshops, such as Reading and Note Taking, Time Management, Studying & Test-Taking Strategies, and more.

I believe I have good study skills, but I am still struggling. What should I do?

Meet with an academic advisor and/or Engineering counsellor to review your study skills. Their perception of your skills may be different and further referral may be necessary.