Bringing Waterloo Accounting and Financial Management to you

At the School of Accounting and Finance (SAF), we’re not training "traditional" accounting and financial professionals. Instead, we’re inspiring the next generation of leaders who will help drive change in all areas of society by redefining what it means to be an accounting and financial professional.

With our advanced curriculum, you’ll broaden your skillset to meet the demands of tomorrow’s professionals. You’ll think like an entrepreneur to identify new opportunities, solve complex problems, and make courageous business and financial decisions.

Through our distinctive model of experiential education, AFM will have you ready to take on the future by

  • connecting with communities,
  • learning to adapt,
  • tackling real-world problems, and
  • taking time to play. 

Best of all, you’ll do it all in a flexible way that allows you to design your own academic pathway and career entry strategy based on what you really care about.

In first and second year, you’ll transition into the SAF community, develop your networks, and create a solid foundation in accounting, finance, and business. You’ll also experience your first (of four) four-month paid co-op work experiences.

Then in third and fourth year, you’ll leverage your SAF community, make an impact, take on three more paid co-op work experiences and select one (or two) career interest specializations to customize your degree.

As a future shaper of global economies, you’ll take what you’ve learned in and out of the classroom to enhance your adaptability and resiliency, polish your communication skills, and expand your global perspective.

You’ll also seize opportunities to build your knowledge and skills, to connect with your communities, and to invent yourself. You’ll be leading the change and shaping the future.


Lead the Change. Shape the Future.



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