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Business and entrepreneurship at Waterloo

You want to spend your 4 or 5 years at university studying a subject that excites you. And your parents and friends are right on the money: a business education can be key to launching a successful career.

So what do you choose? Passion or business? At Waterloo, you can do both. You can combine your interests through 17 different business programs, including:

Graduate with 2 areas of expertise

Set yourself apart from other university graduates by choosing a business program at Waterloo. You'll not only gain the breadth of a business education, but also the depth of knowledge in your chosen area of expertise.

Combine business, accounting, economics, and marketing with subjects such as arts, environment, math, recreation, or science.

11thin the world for creating unicorns: startup companies worth more than $1 billion
300+business-related courses available at Waterloo
Top 10in Canada for business, management, accounting, and finance

Waterloo's business school = the world

Studying business at Waterloo means more than textbooks and lectures. Through Waterloo's co-op program, you can gain up to 2 years of paid experience with some of our 6,700 employers, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups working on the next big idea.

Take your business education out of the classroom and put it to work for some of Canada's top employers.

A leader in business education

More than 20% of Waterloo's 30,000 students are in a business, accounting, or finance program, making us one of the largest universities for business in Canada. More students means more relevant courses to choose from.

Add Waterloo's reputation as one of the country's top universities to your choice of 17 business programs and you'll be on your way to a rewarding career in business.

Students standing in front of large display screen in cluttered business incubator

Waterloo’s Velocity startup program offers the largest free startup incubator in the world.

One of the world's top ecosystems for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is about turning ideas into action, which may or may not involve creating your own company. Companies value employees with an entrepreneurial outlook or training to help the company evolve and grow.

Whether you need the expertise and resources to help you move forward with your idea, or just want to learn more about entrepreneurship, Waterloo provides an amazing range of services, courses, and facilities for student-entrepreneurs.

Your ideas are your own

Unlike most universities where ideas belong to the university, Waterloo allows you to capitalize on the ideas you generate on campus. You own your ideas through what may be the most entrepreneurial-oriented intellectual property (IP) policy in North America.

Services to help you succeed

  • A leading entrepreneurship program at Waterloo, Velocity has helped students build more than 215 companies and raise $430 million in capital, by providing workspace, mentorship, access to funding, and a vibrant startup community.
  • St. Paul's GreenHouse helps students who are addressing urgent social issues and building student-led social enterprises.
  • You can also earn a minor in Entrepreneurship (or option if you're in Engineering) and build your knowledge and experience with numerous competitions, clubs, and events in the areas of business and entrepreneurship.
  • Hack the North – Canada's largest hack-a-thon
  • Entrepreneurship student society – comprehensive resources for students