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Business and entrepreneurship at Waterloo

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A different kind of business school

Maybe you dream of setting the business world on fire. Or you crave the excitement that comes from being your own boss.

Or perhaps you’ve got other passions, but your parents want you to take a practical degree. With 17 business-related programs, we have what you're looking for.

Develop 2 areas of expertise

At Waterloo, you'll get a strong business education: accounting, economics, marketing, entrepreneurship, and more – plus the depth of another subject that excites you.

You can combine business with the environment, sports, social sciences, humanities, math, science, or a host of other programs.

11thin the world for creating unicorns: startup companies worth more than $1 billion
300+business-related courses available at Waterloo
Top 10in Canada for business, management, accounting, and finance

Real-world experience

Through Waterloo's co-op program, you can gain up to 2 years of paid experience with Fortune 500 companies, startups working on the next big idea, and everything in between.

With 6,900 co-op employers, the choice is yours.

A leader in business education

With 20% of our students in business, accounting, or finance, we're one of the largest universities for business in Canada.

More students means more relevant courses to choose from.


Students standing in front of large display screen in cluttered business incubator

Waterloo’s Velocity startup program offers the largest free startup incubator in the world.

Among the world’s top ecosystems for entrepreneurs

Waterloo Region offers business incubators, mentors, funding – all you need to turn ideas into action.

World's largest free startup incubator 

Students and graduates have launched 200+ companies and raised $430 million through Velocity programs.

Have a passion for helping others?

St. Paul's GreenHouse helps students address urgent social issues and build social enterprises.


Learn where you live

If you have ideas, upper-year student entrepreneurs can mentor you – right in residence.

Continue your education

Earn a Master's or PhD in one of 11 business-related graduate programs.

Student clubs

Our student-run Entrepreneurship Society is one of 9 business clubs.


You own your ideas

Unlike most universities where ideas belong to the institution, Waterloo allows you to capitalize on the ideas you generate through one of North America's most entrepreneurial-oriented intellectual property (IP) policies.

Enhance your degree

Why not make entrepreneurship a formal part of your degree? Take related courses or even include a minor in entrepreneurship (or option if you're in Engineering).


Creating a positive effect on the world

Nadia Gilani, a co-op Science and Business graduate, discovered a passion for social entrepreneurship through courses she took at Waterloo's Conrad Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology Centre. 

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