Civil & Environmental Engineering Addendum

- January 2017

This Addendum is specific to the CEE Annual Performance Review and supplements the Faculty of Engineering Guidelines for Annual Performance Reviews.

In the event of a conflict between the terms of the Faculty Guidelines and this Addendum, this Addendum shall take precedence. This Addendum should be viewed as a “living document”.

Performance evaluations shall occur on an annual basis for faculty members holding probationary or definite-team appointments, and on a biennial basis on odd numbered years for faculty members holding tenured or continuing appointments (Article 13.5.2(a) of MOA).

1. Assessment of Teaching Component

  • Teaching performance will be assessed on the evidence from the year(s) under evaluation.

  • The normal teaching load in the CEE Department is 3 courses per year. Therefore, supervision of graduate students and undergraduate students will be expected. 

  • Consideration will be given for the number of graduate students supervised relative to the current Faculty and CEE Department averages. 

  • For faculty members who choose to teach more than the normal teaching load of 3 courses per year, the expectations for graduate and undergraduate student supervision will be reduced. Such an arrangement should be made in advance and in writing to the Department Chair.

2. Assessment of Research Component

  • Research performance will be assessed on the evidence from a window of two years.

  • Supervision of postdoctoral fellows and non-student research personnel will be assessed as research.

3. Assessment of Service Component

  • Service performance will be assessed on the evidence from the year(s) under evaluation. 
  • Specific information on the responsibilities of committee memberships and time commitment should be described in each case.
  • Departmental citizenship includes, but is not limited to, mentoring new faculty members, being available in the Department, being willing to take on hard-to-cover courses, and being available to students. 
  • A minimum of 50% of your service score is based on internal service. Exceptions are at the discretion of the merit committee but must be based on external service quantity (time) not quality. External service is not a requirement to achieve an outstanding service score.