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Professor Adrian Gerlich named NSERC/TransCanada Industrial Research Chair in Welding

Friday, March 14, 2014
Professor Adrian GerlichAdrian Gerlich, a University of Waterloo Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering Professor, has been named the NSERC/TransCanada Industrial Research Chair in Welding for Energy Infrastructure. Professor Gerlich is one of Canada’s foremost researchers in developing new technology and best practices for the welding and joining industry.

The University of Waterloo’s Mechanical and Mechatronics Department is home to the only Welding and Joining Specialization Program for undergraduate students in Canada. 

Internationally, Waterloo’s Faculty of Engineering is recognized as one of the top five in the world for welding research.

“This collaboration is a great example of how matching the expertise and talents of highly-regarded university researchers with the needs of Canadian industry can create value-added solutions for companies." -- Bert van den Berg,  Acting Vice-President of Research Partnerships, NSERC
Transcanada Facility Plaque

With more than 60 years’ experience, TransCanada is known for its focus on system reliability and safety.

TransCanada is a strong supporter of innovation and R&D in the energy sector. The work done by Professor Gerlich and his team will help us continue to develop cutting-edge technologies we can share with our industry peers and use to make our operations even safer and more reliable.” -- Kyle Keith, Director, Materials Engineering Department, TransCanada

Professor Gerlich in Welding lab

Professor Gerlich, who joined the University of Waterloo from the University of Alberta in 2012, is a member of the Canadian Welding Association and has published over 40 journal papers and 20 conference papers related to his research. 

His research focuses on determining how existing materials are affected by welding processes and how new welding technologies will impact their performance.  

Welding lab

Research involving hybrid arc welding techniques, and friction stir welding will offer new possibilities for enabling stronger and more reliable pipelines in the energy industry and in numerous other industries that rely on welding, including the automotive and aerospace sector.

Adrian Gerlich’s appointment is a direct reflection of his and Waterloo Engineering’s expertise in the fields of welding and joining. Partnerships like this one provide the resources needed to continue developing scientific knowledge and Canadian technology that would enable industry to apply advanced techniques when implementing infrastructure to support society’s energy needs.” -- Pearl Sullivan, Dean of Engineering at Waterloo. 

Dean Sullivan with representative from TransCanada


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