Smaller brother of TALOS makes its engineering debut

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

The much-anticipated REEM-C recently arrived on campus and has already started an extensive training program.

The humanoid robot is described as the slightly smaller and lighter brother of TALOS, the full-size black and purple robot that was welcomed with great

Katja Mombaur and REEM-C
fanfare at Engineering 7 almost two years ago.

Katja Mombaur greets REEM-C, the University's newest humanoid robot 

Katja Mombaur, the new Canada Excellence Research Chair in Human-Centred Robotics and Machine Intelligence, and her team of graduate and post-doctoral students are working with REEM-C to advance its movements and functions.

“We need to develop its skills for it to effectively and safely support in situations that are too dangerous, too repetitive or too boring for humans,” says Mombaur, a cross-appointed professor of systems design engineering and mechanical and mechatronics engineering. [full story]