Procedures related to academic offences and Policy 71


At the University of Waterloo all student academic integrity matters are governed by Policy 71. The information described here provides a summary of both items related to the operation of your [1] course as well as a description of how Policy 71 cases are to be handled in the Faculty of Engineering. This information does not examine non-academic offences (contact the Associate Dean, listed as AD on this page [2] directly on these matters).

Please note: nothing provided here is intended to override or supersede Policy 71. The intent is to provide a working “guideline” for faculty members. There will be cases that, by their nature, require treatment that differs from the process described below. Additionally, in some cases the instructor may delegate some of the investigation to another party. In such cases, the instructor remains responsible for adherence to policy.

One final note

Please note the investigation of a student is quite serious and quite personal on both sides. Please do not share any identifiable information of your suspicions or investigations with others in the university environment.

[1] This document has been prepared for use by instructors and references are from their perspective.

[2] In the case of security, contact the University Police for advice before contacting the AD.

[3] You should only let the student have access to copies of the evidence. If part of the evidence is material from another student, then take all reasonable steps to make the source anonymous (remove names and such references that could be traced, also include only a minimum amount of the other student’s material.

[4] Be careful not to turn this into a witch hunt, if the student identifies a student that you have not considered as part of the offence, it may well be that they were not part of the offence.