Emergency contacts


Names of the laboratory supervisor and others to contact for a laboratory emergency should be posted in a location accessible to responding emergency services (recommend location on back of laboratory entrance door).

 519 888 4911 or ext 22222Fire evacuation procedures

Emergency telephone number stickers (available from the Safety Office) should be placed on all laboratory phones. University of Waterloo first aid and fire alarm posters should be displayed in all laboratories (available from the Safety Office ext. 33587).

The following telephone numbers should also be available in the laboratory:

  1. First aid emergency proceduresAmbulance 911
  2. Fire alarm pull station for fire department

  3. UW Health Services ext. 84096

  4. University of Waterloo Police ext. 519-888-4911 or ext. 22222

  5. Spill control ext. 519-888-4911 or ext. 22222

  6. Plant operations ext. 33793

  7. Poison control centre or 1-800-268-9017