Incident and Hazard Reporting

Reporting an Injury or Incident

All members of the University community must report any injury or illness related to their work (includes University of Waterloo walkways, parking lots and field sites) to their supervisor. It is the supervisor's responsibility to ensure that prompt first aid and health care treatment is obtained, if necessary, and that University reports are completed. 

Reporting Health and Safety Hazards


  • All members of the University community have the right and obligation to bring, without prejudice, health and safety concerns to their supervisor.
  • Hazard_reports are to be submitted to the supervisor for response and corrective action.
  • After the supervisor has been informed of a hazard or concern, and it remains unresolved after a reasonable amount of time, a member of the University community may take the concern to the Director of Safety (ext. 35814) or a Joint Health and Safety Committee member.

   Buildings or grounds

  • Unsafe buildings and grounds conditions shall be reported to the Plant Operations department at ext. 33793 (24 hr service). The report should include the exact location of the area or some landmarks to assist in locating the hazard.