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Let your classmates know what you’re up to by submitting a Class Note update (35 words maximum) to be published in the next issue of WEAL (Waterloo Engineering Alumni Letter magazine) and/or eWEAL in the Class Notes section. To date, you have only been able to share your news with a brief update published in our Class Notes section of the printed WEAL (Waterloo Engineering Alumni Letter) magazine. We are excited to announce a Class Notes digital album coming soon, as like many of you, we are increasingly committed to reducing our carbon footprint. This secure site will be accessible via the eWEAL newsletter emailed to you three times per year.

In addition to your update, you may want to include an optional high resolution photo which can be attached/uploaded at the bottom of the form. Please include one method of contact - either an email address or phone number - so that fellow alumni can get in touch with you. Please be advised that your Class Note may be edited for clarity and/or length by the editor of WEAL/eWEAL.

Here’s an example to help you write your Class Note:
Jane Doe (Tron ‘19) has been working as a mechatronics engineer at Canada’s Best Robotics since 2019. With her latest innovation, she has helped the company become an award-winning robotics hardware company. Email address or phone number.

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