WatPD-Engineering is a small sub-unit of the University's Dean of Engineering Office. Sean Peterson is WatPD-Engineering's Academic Director. The program is overseen by the Engineering Curriculum Committee, which is made up of representatives from WatPD, Co-operative Education, EngSoc, and Engineering faculty.

Here's how Engineering students can expect to move through WatPD-Engineering during their undergraduate careers:

First-year sessions

The Academic Director of WatPD-Engineering and a representative from WatPD visit 1A (stream 4) and 1B (stream 8) classes during the fall and winter terms to introduce students to WatPD-Engineering. These sessions focus on the program's goals, the importance of professional skills for Engineering students, and the two compulsory PD courses (PD20 and PD21) Engineering students take. The dates and times of each session are announced via email each term.

Compulsory courses

Engineering students must complete five PD courses, all of which are completed during their work terms. The first two PD courses Engineering students complete are compulsory: students are auto-enrolled into these courses, and they must successfully complete them before moving on to their elective PD courses.

Elective courses

Once Engineering students finish their compulsory courses, they must choose three1 elective courses from the following list:

Academic integrity

WatPD-Engineering fully supports, in principle and in practice, the University of Waterloo's academic integrity policies. WatPD-Engineering students are encouraged to review the Integrity for Waterloo Students materials and extra information provided by the Office of Academic Integrity.

1 Students who enter Software Engineering (SE) in the Fall 2016 term or later are auto-enrolled in PD10: Professional Responsibility in Computing as one of their three elective courses. Students who entered SE prior to Fall 2016 don't have to take PD10 as one of their elective courses. If you're unsure about your status with respect to PD10, please check with your academic advisor. If you want to learn more about why PD10 is now compulsory for SE students, please visit the PD10 course page