Electrical and Computer Engineering Addendum

Approved on 22nd November 2012 for the evaluation of 2013 and, unless updated, subsequent calendar years.

This document serves as the Addendum to Faculty Performance Evaluation Guidelines prescribed by Article 13 Part 5.1(b) of the Memorandum of Agreement between the Faculty Association of the University of Waterloo and the University of Waterloo (MOA). The purpose is to set out performance expectations in the department for teaching, research, and service. It is annually reviewed and, if updates are required, the changes are approved by a vote of faculty members of the department before commencement of the evaluation calendar year to which the updated version applies.

Since performance evaluation is handled in accordance with the MOA, Policy 77, Faculty of Engineering guidelines, and this addendum, faculty members are encouraged to review all four documents.

1. Teaching

1.1. The normal teaching load in the department is 3 courses for professors. Each professor is also expected to supervise a normal number of graduate and undergraduate students in the 3-year window, considering her/his rank and research area, which will be assessed as teaching and counted as 1 additional course.

1.2. The normal teaching load for lecturers in the department is 5 courses.

2. Research

2.1. Faculty members are expected to publish in high-quality venues. Quality of venue and publication volume will each be considered.

3. Service

There is currently nothing department-specific to add to for this area of evaluation.