Preparing for the defence

The external examiner plays a crucial role in upholding the integrity of the Engineering PhD defence process and Engineering degree. The University requires that the external examiner provide a report on the thesis of the PhD candidate, and that the external examiner is physically present at the defence. Further information on the requirements of the report along with travel information and travel expense reimbursement guidelines is available in the sections below

Possible Examining Committee Decisions

Category 1 - Accepted

Thesis requires typographical and/or minor editorial corrections.

Category 2 - Accepted Conditionally

Thesis is accepted, but requires major revisions (in substance or editorial changes).
Category 3 - Re-examination Oral examination is not to the satisfaction of the Examining Committee and/or the written thesis requires modifications of a substantial nature, the need for which makes the acceptability of the thesis questionable. (re-examination must occur within one year of the date of the first examination.

Note: The external examiner's report must contain one of the above categories as part of their evaluation. if the chosen category is a category 3, please notify the Administrative Coordinator - PhD immediately as the examination may need to be postponed.

Where are we?

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