Prof wins prestigious early career award

Friday, April 19, 2024

Dr. Tizazu Mekonnen has won the Macromolecular Science and Engineering Division Early Career Instigator Award sponsored by NOVA Chemicals for his significant contributions to polymer engineering and sustainability.

His research focuses on sustainable materials, including compostable plastics and eco-friendly nanomaterials. Collaborating with institutions and industry leaders, he explores polymer recycling, biodegradation, and upcycling for applications in multiple industries. His team has developed technology to remove nanoplastics from water with 94% efficiency. With over $4.8 million in funding, Mekonnen's work has yielded 122 peer-reviewed articles and 12 patent applications.

Dr. Mekonnen will deliver a keynote lecture at the Canadian Chemical Engineering Society Conference in Toronto next fall. “I’m honoured to receive this award,” says Mekonnen. “The competition is among engineers and chemists. The list of competitors for this prize is outstanding. I’m thrilled to be recognized by such a well-known and respected community.”

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