Mary Brubaker-Zehr Hello Grebel students!

I'm happy to be thinking about Spring term and the arrival of you all! We are gearing up to warmly welcome 50 residents and about 14 apartment dwellers to a fabulous Spring term at Grebel.

Isaac Painting, your Spring Student Council President and his leadership team along with the dons have begun to make plans to ensure you all settle-in and bond quickly. There will be lots for you to participate in, including regular chapel and community suppers.

Speaking of Chapel… would any of you be interested in working with Ed Janzen as volunteers on the Chapel leadership team? If so, please email Ed as quickly as possible. 

Your Spring Dons are Adam Neufeld, Josh Rampersad and Mary McPhee. The apartment superintendent for Spring is Sarah Odinotski.

All the best as you finish up your terms of work and study.

Mary Brubaker-Zehr

Mary Brubaker-Zehr, Director of Student Services