2019 Grad Send Off

Do you still live at Grebel? Probably not. Many of you have moved off-campus or might even be living at home to save money, so before you graduate and go your separate ways, let’s get together one more time to eat some Grebel food and reminisce. You are invited to:

Grebel Grad Send Off

Monday, April 8th, 2019 at 5:30 p.m.

In the Community Education Room (2202)

Come out and enjoy a time of catching up on the past years with some Grebelites you may not have seen for a few terms. We will be celebrating the future and enjoying some delicious snacks, specially selected by your Grad Class Reps, Lynea Brubacher Kaethler and Nico Werschler. We'll hear about the benefits of the Alumni Association, have a chance to win some great ‘door prizes’ (such as a Diploma frame worth $140) and listen to a Grebel alumnus, who will assure you that there is life after graduation.

The Invitation from your reps

Well folks, here we are, approaching the end! Here are some stats for you. Over one year, each person graduating has spent an average of 2116.2 waking hours at Grebel. About 57% of those were probably spent studying or in class. The other 43% were probably spent enjoying community, eating, and playing games. About 96 % of you have reminisced over how lucky we are to have been at Grebel right in between the construction projects! And 100% of you are thinking “jeez, I wish I could spend just one extra hour eating and socializing in community at Grebel, some time before I graduate.” Well lucky for you, you can!  

 Come and join us for a fun hour of snacks, socializing, and hearing about what you have to look forward to as a Grebel alumni on Monday, April 8th at 5:30 p.m. Please meet in the Community Ed Room (2202). There will also be door prizes!

 Please RSVP as soon as possible (April 3rd at the latest) to Alison Enns by replying to this email. (aenns@uwaterloo.ca)

Also, take a second to fill out this survey! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ZGQ3RKF  This way we, will have some real (but not serious) stats to share with you at the Grad dessert! It’s 10 simple questions, and should only take a minute :)

 We look forward to seeing you there!

 Lynea Brubacher Kaethler and Nico Werschler

Giving Back

Many of you have received funding that has allowed you to live at Grebel. We think it is fitting that one way to give back to the community is by contributing to a student bursary, namely the Residence Annual Fund and/or The Anniversary Legacy Fund. These awards are to offset the financial burden that we are all aware of. The College sincerely appreciates any money you donate to these causes.

Visit the Grebel Annual Fund page for information on how you can give back to this exceptional place. We encourage you to seriously consider how you can contribute to Grebel in the next few years. You can print the paper form and give it to Fred Martin or bring it along to the dessert night. Here is a link to a UW website to donate on-line.

Please RSVP right away (April 3rd at the latest) to Alison Enns or 885-0220 x24217 if you will be able to join us for this fun night of outstanding community.

We look forward to seeing you there!

A glimpse of Convocation from 2017