Grebel is among the smallest residences on the University of Waterloo campus. Being among the smallest contributes to a great sense of community as you will get to know everyone here at Grebel!

We do some things a little different from the other residences. For example, Grebel is not part of the 100% guarantee offered by all other residences at UWaterloo. This is because we are a multi-year residence...meaning after your first year, you can come live at Grebel again and again! 

Because we are not part of the 100% guarantee, you will need to submit a Grebel residence application seperate from other UWaterloo housing (and not concurrently). We follow-up with all applicants in an interview. The interview gives each of us the opportunity to learn a little more about each other and to explore if Grebel is a good fit!

Update (June 28/2021): We are expecting a robust on-campus group of students in Fall 2021. We are expecting double occupancy to resume. COVID protocols may still be in place. If you are interested in Grebel, we invite you to apply! We will follow up with each application, letting you know about availabilty and next steps. 

We also have some off-campus options for connecting to Grebel. If this interests you, inquire at

Even though you can't visit us in person at the moment - there are many ways to experience Grebel virtually - check us out to see if we're a good fit for you!

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