Grebel is among the smallest residences on the University of Waterloo campus. Being among the smallest contributes to a great sense of community as you will get to know everyone here at Grebel!

We do some things a little different from the other residences. For example, Grebel is not part of the 100% guarantee offered by all other residences at UWaterloo. This is because we are a multi-year residence...meaning after your first year, you can come live at Grebel again and again! 

Because we are not part of the 100% guarantee, you will need to submit a Grebel residence application seperate from other UWaterloo housing (and not concurrently). We follow-up with all applicants in an interview. The interview gives each of us the opportunity to learn a little more about each other and to explore if Grebel is a good fit!

We also have some off-campus options for connecting to Grebel. If this interests you, inquire at

If you can't visit us in person at the moment - there are many ways to experience Grebel virtually - check us out to see if we're a good fit for you!

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