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Max Chute and his mom Lisa

Leaving your son or daughter at university for the first time can be exciting and challenging all at once.

First year students are greeted on move-in day by a group of upper year students who have planned a week full of fun ways to get to know one another and their campus better.

Our Student Services office works hard to keep their finger on the pulse of what's happening in the residence. Residence life is supervised by our wonderful team of Dons and Campus Hosts, all orchestrated by our excellent Student Services staff members.


Grebel is a family place!  

International students moving to university may have a few more practical and emotional challenges than other students. It was a very stressful time for our family. Saying goodbye to a member of our family, even for such wonderful purposes as moving on to university, was really hard. When it came time to say goodbye to Max, the staff of the Student Services Office at  Grebel offered permission to cry, words about why this is difficult, prayer for peace, and the all-important box of Kleenex. We all survived. Max has thrived with his new “family” in the Grebel residence community. It is more than a bed on campus – it is his local support system and our peace of mind.

- Lisa Chute (pictured above with Max)

"To the Staff and Volunteers at Conrad Grebel,

This past Saturday afternoon and evening was a wonderful time for our family as we experienced a Taste of Grebel! Our hearts were warmed and we realized the privilege our child has to be in your care. Until recently, we were not familiar with Conrad Grebel University College or with the University of Waterloo. We have come to appreciate you very much. On Saturday, we found everything from the opening session to the activities on the patio, from the chapel and classroom samplers to the talent show and delicious dinner, to be well organized, thoughtful and enjoyable. Your attention to detail and your determination to carry it out is to be commended for a job well done."

- Karen VanderWindt