Grebel is a family place!

 Max Chute and his mom Lisa Leaving your young adult at university for the first time can be exciting and challenging all at once.

First year students are greeted on move-in day by a group of upper year students who have planned a week full of fun ways to get to know one another and their campus better.

Our Student Services office works hard to keep their finger on the pulse of what's happening in the residence. Residence life is supervised by our wonderful team of Dons and Campus Hosts, all orchestrated by our excellent Student Services staff members.

Listen to Karen (Grebel student Hanne's mom) talk about her experience of dropping her daughter off at Grebel in first year!


What parents of Grebel students say...

International students moving to university may have a few more practical and emotional challenges than other students. It was a very stressful time for our family. Saying goodbye to a member of our family, even for such wonderful purposes as moving on to university, was really hard. When it came time to say goodbye to Max, the staff of the Student Services Office at  Grebel offered permission to cry, words about why this is difficult, prayer for peace, and the all-important box of Kleenex. We all survived. Max has thrived with his new “family” in the Grebel residence community. It is more than a bed on campus – it is his local support system and our peace of mind.

- Lisa Chute (pictured above with Max)

Neufeld FamilyFrom dropping off our first son in September 2010, through our second son’s graduation (anticipated for this April), to watching our third son settle into life at Grebel this current school year, we have rested in relative peace knowing that the good people of Conrad Grebel would do their best to take good care of our boys!  We are grateful for the opportunities our sons have had to find belonging and nurture quality friendships amongst their peers and staff at Grebel. We are also grateful that along with academic studies, our sons are also encouraged and supported in their journeys of faith by staff and fellow students.  Thank you!!

She has made the transition from a high school student to a young independent adult and in part that's by being surrounded by community that helps her to make good choices.. Grebel is a real community regardlesss of what your faith beliefs are, your religious traditions or social traditions. 

- Karen (Grebel Student Hanne's Mother) 

We would love to welcome your young adult into the Grebel community. Note that Grebel is the only residence that requires an application and interview to get in. Applications are still open for 2020/2021 and will open in September for 2021/2022.