Fire safety

Fire and evacuation procedures

Fire department requirements are outlined in University of Waterloo’s fire/evacuation emergency procedures poster, which are located throughout our campus including:

  • Labs and studios
  • Activities and workshop areas
  • Near campus phones and room exits

The poster provides general instructions on:

  • Fire alarm and evacuation procedures
  • Fire code requirements

The fire/evacuation poster has a small map showing the building-specific location where the fire department personnel normally respond.

UWaterloo (UW) fire wardens have the following responsibilities:

  • Evacuation of buildings
  • Assisting those who are having difficulty
  • Ensuring that any fire doors are closed
  • Monitor building entrances to prevent building entry until given permission by the fire department.

UW conducts fire drills to ensure that all fire systems are working properly. 

In non-fire situations threatening safety, such as building services interruption or hazardous materials spill, buildings are evacuated under direction of UW Police, fire wardens and emergency response services. The fire alarm should not be used to evacuate a building without approval.

Fire prevention procedures

Fire evacuation procedures

Fire extinguishers