Step 1: Do your research!

also be sure to consider:

  • Language of instruction - check the language of instruction at your preferred partner school as not all partners teach in English and some language preparation may be needed
  • Term dates - term dates vary among our partner schools and sometimes overlap with those at Waterloo.  It is expected that you study at your host school for the entire duration of their term, including exams. If ther terms overlap, you will need to take a term off or arrange a shortened work term. Some schools offer early/alternative assessments that will allow you to return to Waterloo early and write a proctored exam in Waterloo but this is not possible at all partners.

  • Courses while on exchange - your proposed study plan

    Putting together your proposed study plan is critical!  You'll want to check the courses taken by other students in your department. This does not guarantee your study plan but it is a great starting point!  After your meeting with the the Faculty Exchange Office staff (see below), you'll need to fill in the Proposed Study Plan form and submit it to the exchange course coordinator in your home department for consideration.  It is strongly recommended this be done BEFORE you submit your application online in Waterloo Passport! Otherwise, you may be matched with a partner that doesn't offer the courses you need and, therefore, your graduation may be delayed.

Step 2:  Contact the Faculty Exchange Office 

Set up a meeting with the staff in the Faculty Exchange Office to chat about your specific exchange plans.  Or if you don't know where to begin, arrange a meeting to talk about that.

Step 3: Mandatory information sessions

All students considering a term or two away from Waterloo, MUST attend a mandatory information session hosted by the Student Success Office BEFORE an application can be submitted in Waterloo Passport.

Step 4:  Submit your application in Waterloo Passport

When you've successfully completed the steps above, you're ready to submit your application online in Waterloo Passport by going to  the How to Apply instructions.

For exchanges in Fall 2021 and/or Winter 2022, you must submit your application by November 1, 2020 to be considered in the first round of matchings.  Applications received after November 1 will be considered, in order of date submitted, during the next round of matchings.

Step 5: Connect with other exchangers

Join the two facebook groups specifically for Waterloo exchangers: Waterloo Engineering Exchanges (to connect with other engineering students who have been on exchange and who are planning to go on exchange as well as students who are at Waterloo on exchange) and Go Abroad Waterloo.