WISE Public Lecture: Show me your forecasts, I'll show you mine! Are we moving towards energy data markets?

Wednesday, October 10, 2018 10:30 am - 11:30 am EDT

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WISE welcomes Pierre Pinson, Professor of Electrical Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark. Prof. Pinson heads a group focusing on Energy Analytics & Markets Engineering at the Centre for Electric Power and Energy (CCE). He is leading a number of initiatives aiming to profoundly rethink electricity markets for future renewable-based power systems and with a more proactive role of consumers. This focus on consumer-centric and community-driven electricity markets translates into proposals for peer-to-peer energy exchange, from mathematical framework to actual demonstration in Denmark.

Pierre believes that we are going towards a number of ICT-enabled disruptive ideas in the electric energy field, triggered by renewable integration challenged, with inherent variability and uncertainty in throughput, latent dependencies in the weather fields, distributed setups, and the like. Through the streams of data that we get today, can we then price uncertainty, as well as variability?

This talk will conclude with a discussion of motivations and expectations from energy data markets, as well as a question and answer session with the audience.