Courses taken on a work term or from another university

If you would like to take a course during a non-academic term, there are two methods to do so:

  1. You may take a course from the University of Waterloo (from the Centre for Extended Learning, or as an on-campus student).
  2. You may take a course from another university located close to your work-term employer.

This information is not intended for students on an international exchange.

Taking courses during a work term

During your work term, fulfilling employment and Waterloo Professional Development (WatPD) responsibilities is expected to be priority. As a result, you must receive the approval of your academic advisor before taking a course while employed as a co-op student.

Employers are not obligated to allow you time off for coursework or related activities. If time off is required to complete the course (for example: midterm or final exam), you must negotiate time off with your employer.

Taking courses offered at another university

If you want to take a course for credit, from another Canadian institution, you must complete and submit a Letter of Permission Application and read the related notes. The letter of permission lists the UWaterloo course equivalent and must be approved by both your academic advisor and the department offering the equivalent course. The Letter of Permission Application should be processed before you enrol in the course.

The course taken on a letter of permission is displayed on your transcript with the University of Waterloo course name and number, noting the course was taken on a letter of permission.

Limits on courses and credit

Normally courses taken on either a work term or a non-degree term will only count to either enhance your degree or to replace an earlier academic course problem. These courses are not normally intended to replace core or technical courses that have not yet been attempted in your plan.