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Support Student Services

Your support for Grebel Student Services will make it possible to:

  • provide leadership development to over 100 students in leadership positions
  • offer resources for service learning trips during reading week and to northern Ontario in April,
  • fund our chapel program and,
  • give scholarship awards.

Your support for the Grebel Fund will make it possible to:

  • offer quality academic programs,
  • nurture leadership development, and
  • reach our goal of $345,000.

CoinsOur goal for the 2018-19 Grebel Fund is $345,000 DONATE NOW

To learn more about how your gift to Student Services will impact Grebel students, contact Fred W. Martin, Director of Advancement.
519-885-0220 x24381

Donate online

Make a credit card donation on Grebel's pledge page.  Simply select the fund at Grebel you wish to support and fill in your details. Your receipt for online donations will come from the University of Waterloo.  Thanks!

Angela Krone

"There is so much value in looking at a problem from different perspectives. Living at Grebel has taught me how important it is to have peers in a variety of fields. There's so much we can learn from each other. Even though I could build you a robot to help people plant rice, I couldn't tell you about the socioeconomic impacts it might have. But I have friends who could, and that's awesome."

— Angela Krone, Nanotechnology Engineering