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Your support for Grebel Student Services will make it possible to:

  • provide leadership development to over 100 students in leadership positions
  • offer resources for service learning trips during reading week and to northern Ontario in April,
  • fund our chapel program and,
  • give scholarship awards.

Your support for the Grebel Fund will make it possible to:

  • offer quality academic programs,
  • nurture leadership development, and
  • reach our goal of $360,000.

CoinsOur goal for the 2020-21 fiscal year is $360,000 DONATE NOW

To learn more about how your gift to Student Services will impact Grebel students, contact Fred W. Martin, Director of Advancement.
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Neil Brubacher

“As I enter my final year of an engineering degree, I look to the future with hope that the technologies on the cusp of development today be used for good tomorrow - that digital connectivity is leveraged to deepen authentic relationships rather than erode them, that AI enhances human creativity rather than replace it, that data is used fairly to foster peace, not oppression. This hope has largely been kindled at Grebel, through meaningful conversations with peers across disciplines of study, uniquely engaging elective courses taught by Grebel professors, and access to an incubator dedicated to social impact. I am thankful for the innumerous opportunities for growth living at Grebel has offered throughout the past four years.”

— NEIL BRUBACHER, 4th year Systems Design Engineering
Recipient of the Marpeck Leadership Award

Serina Ykema-King

“My hope for the future is to live a life worth living. Grebel is helping me to contribute to that vision by giving students like myself a place to pursue their passions, develop meaningful relationships, and discover the joys of life-long learning filled with adventure.”

— SERINA YKEMA-KING, 2nd year Civil Engineering
Recipient of the College Anniversary Legacy Award

Grebel Student

 In a bold move, Colin chose to leave his hometown of Saskatoon in order to study Planning at UWaterloo and live at Grebel. “This residence feels more like home than I could have imagined,” he explained. “Grebel is such a welcoming and diverse place. I can’t overstate how important this community is to my mental health and happiness.” Colin also joined the Music Living-Learning Community at Grebel as a way to meet people with a similar love for music. “It’s been wonderful talk about our classes, recitals, events, and to get to know the Music faculty.” As an out of province student, Colin received a scholarship to help offset extra expenses. “This award is a significant part to why I can go to school in Ontario.”

— COLIN FUNK, 1st year Planning