Canada's Largest Engineering School

Ranked among the top 50 engineering schools worldwide, Waterloo Engineering is committed to leading engineering education and research.

We are the largest engineering school in Canada, with over 10,500 students enrolled in 2021. In 2019/20, external research funding from Canadian and international partners exceeded $86.8 million, a strong indication of our extensive industry partnerships and the excellence of our engineering research programs.

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Waterloo Engineering professor Dr. Omar Ramahi leads a research team pioneering a method to detect breast cancer in women early enough for them to receive life-saving treatment.

The innovative technology aims to be more accurate as well as cheaper to provide than today’s most common diagnostic tools such as X-ray mammography, ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Test runs have been completed in two minutes and used less energy than a smartphone. It would also be safer than X-rays, which expose patients to high-level radiation that can damage DNA and cause cancer.

At least five Waterloo Engineering alumni have made the impressive Forbes 30 Under 30 lists for 2024.  

Peter Gokhshteyn, Kevin Michael, Tom Storwick, Kelly Zheng and Chee Hau Teoh are among 600 young changemakers in North America who have been recognized for their standout entrepreneurial achievements in 20 categories. 

The Waterloo Engineering community came together to celebrate the exceptional achievements of four alumni and an industry supporter of the Faculty at this year’s Engineering Awards Dinner.  

Hosted by Dr. Mary Wells, dean of engineering, the event recognized an advocate of applied biotechnology research, a tech business leader, an expert in novel medical devices and stem cell therapy, a globally renowned luthier and a valued friend of the Faculty.