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Your first year

First year engineering and architecture will provide you with the foundation of learning that the rest of your degree and career in the profession will build from.

It is also a great time of making life-long friends (and maybe future business partners!) learning the ropes of being a university student, finding your fit, and learning to be successful independent of the support structures you were used to.

Your classes

In year 1, all students take 5-6 courses, mostly based in maths and sciences, along with a concepts course focused on giving you exposure to learning in your field of study.

For Civil, Environmental and Geological Engineering

You will be automatically enrolled in all of your Fall term core courses. However, you will need to request one elective course in Quest, between July 7 and 13. View your full class schedule on Quest, starting July 23.

For all other Engineering programs

You will be automatically enrolled in all of your Fall term courses. View your full class schedule on Quest, starting July 23.

To see a list of your first year classes, check the "first-year courses" in the pages below:

Getting help

Not sure where to find something? Need to connect with an academic advisor? Need personal support? Want to understand more about co-op?

Every engineering and architecture student has a first year office that has the resources to support you in every way.

First Year Office guide

  • Engineering First Year Office, for all first-year engineering students, except Systems Design Engineering, Software Engineering, and Architecture (see below).
    • Located in the Engineering Undergraduate Office, Carl Pollock Hall (CPH) 1320, 519-888-4761.
  • Systems Design Engineering Undergraduate Office, for all students enrolled in Systems Design Engineering.
    • Located in Engineering 5 (E5) 6126, 519-888-4567, ext.36085
  • Software Engineering Undergraduate Officefor all students enrolled in Software Engineering.
    • Located in William G. Davis Centre (DC) 2597, 519-888-4567, ext.32184
  • Architecture Undergraduate Office for all students enrolled in Architecture.
    • Located in the main office, 2nd floor of the School of Architecture, 519-888-4567, ext.27604

* Please note that we have a new Women in Engineering Living Learning Community launching September 2016! 

Orientation Week & Student Life 101

Wondering how you'll figure out how to find your way around our buildings, make great friends, join a team, get involved, or just get a handle on what your new world is all about?

You'll definitely want to be part of Orientation Week. It is a full week set up to get you oriented and connected to your new home, new community, and open the door to tons of opportunity.

If you feel like you need some extra time on campus before school starts, Student Life 101 is for you (and your parents)!