To book an appointment with a counsellor contact Counselling Services.

To learn more about our team of engineering counsellors and their areas of therapeutic interest and expertise read their biographies.

Engineering Counselling offers individual counselling to registered students. This service is confidential and voluntary. 

Here are a few issues that a counsellor could help you with:

  • stress management
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • relationship issues
  • family struggles
  • self-esteem
  • grief
  • transition/adjustment 
  • sexual abuse 
  • eating disorders 
  • roommate problems

Contact the Counselling Office, (519) 888-4567 extension 42655 on-campus to book an appointment.

Our team

Kristine Meier 

Kristine Meier

Fiona Dhanapala 

Fiona Dhanapala


Spencer Small


Apryl St Cyr

Apryl Fyfe photo


Kristina Schwalm                     Lihua Yang

Kristina Schwalm         Lihua Yang