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Waterloo residences

Waterloo’s first-year residences are part of 2 distinct types of communities that you’ll call home: 

  • 5 of the residences are called Waterloo Residences and are operated by the Department of Housing and Residences.
  • The 4 University College residences are located in the heart of the main Waterloo campus. Each University College is a smaller community with its own character and distinctive programs where you can get involved and contribute. 

Traditional-style residences

Traditional-style residences have double, single, or interconnecting rooms in a dormitory setting. You'll share common areas and washrooms with other students on your floor, and you'll eat your meals in your residence cafeteria or at food outlets around campus.

Approximately 58% of first-year students live in a traditional-style residence.

Suite-style residences

Suite-style residences offer single or double rooms in an apartment or "suite" setting. You’ll share a living room, bathroom(s), and a kitchen with your roommates, and eat many of your meals "at home" in your suite.
Approximately 42% of first-year students live in a suite-style residence.

First-year residences

Visit the Housing and Residences website for details about each of our first-year residences.

The website will also explain your options if you're an

On-campus food and meal plans