Upcoming Reunions and Alumni Events

Reunion 2020-June 6th: Celebrating those that were here in the '60s

Please join us for a brunch and a short program hosted by Eric Friesen. Saturday, June 6 10:30 to 1:00 pm. 

Circle the date and don't miss out! 

Please register ahead of time on the UW reunion site (live soon). Or email Alison Enns at aenns@uwaterloo.ca or contact Nancy Regehr, from the Alumni committee. 

60s era photo from 50th reunion in 2013

Reunions in general

The Annual Alumni Reunions are open to all Conrad Grebel alumni. We do make a special invitation to those who lived, or studied at Grebel during the featured years, but all our welcome. You may have graduated 1, 2 or even 10 years after these dates, but if they are the significant ones for you, then we want you to return to Grebel and reconnect with your old friends. Each alumni event is planned by the members of the Alumni Executive who represent those years.

Alumni gathering

Alumni Gatherings

The Alumni committee plans a variety of events and reunions. In the recent alumni survey participants asked for more alumni gatherings in various locations. Email Alison Enns for details and tickets at aenns@uwaterloo.ca

December 6 - Doon Lantern Light Tour

February 2 - Raptors vs. Bulls

See the event page for details.