Request to remain between terms or arrive early form

If you are needing to remain at Grebel between terms or arrive early before the start of the next term, please complete the following form. Such arrangements are only possible when Grebel is open and staff are onsite to protect the health and safety of residents and apartment dwellers (e.g., between winter/spring and spring/fall terms). While we will seek to accommodate where possible, each request will be reviewed for approval.

There may be a charge of $30.00 per night to those remaining between terms or arriving early at the start of a term. International students who remain between terms or arrive early are typically not subject to a charge. If you are a first year / new international student, you are  encouraged to arrive to Grebel and begin to settle in a the day prior to the start of the University of Waterloo International Student Orientation.

Remaining between terms and early arrival accommodations do not include meals. Grebel Student Council (StuCo) has stocked the Grebel kitchenette with cooking resources for you to prepare affordable meals (e.g., rice cooker, pots & pans, cooktop, etc.). 

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Grebel Student Services.

Note: This form is for Grebel residence and associates only.

Term for this request:
For requests between end of December and start of January
For requests between end of April and start of May
For requests between end of August and start of September
Nature of request
Request details (early arrival)
Request details (late departure)
Let us know what time of day you anticipate moving in or moving out of your room. Be as specific as possible, but rough estimates (i.e. between 9 and 12, early afternoon, etc.) are OK.