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Future Students

Grebel is a RESIDENCE

Grebel has heart! It also has the biggest windows on the University of Waterloo campus, all-you-can eat food made on-site, unique furniture (skybunks), and tons of student activities! Be part of this dynamic residence with 142 Waterloo students, from first to fourth year. 

Here you’ll find people in every faculty because students who live and study at Grebel are registered at, take classes at, and graduate from uWaterloo. Plus you’ll get to know other Grebel students who are living off campus or in our apartments but still want to be connected to a community for activities and sports. Join this enthusiastic community of people and you’ll find that Grebel is an amazing place to grow!

Grebel is a SCHOOL

Conrad Grebel is home to the University of Waterloo undergraduate departments for Music, Peace and Conflict Studies, and Mennonite Studies. The College also teaches undergraduate courses in Sociology, History, and Religious Studies. Grebel professors are inviting and engaging, and you’ll often see them around the school ready to visit with students. The Milton Good Library is easily accessible from the residence hallway and is a bright place to study and research.


Started in 1963 by Ontario Mennonites, Conrad Grebel is part of Mennonite Church Eastern Canada. You’ll find many Mennonites in residence and in the classrooms, but you’ll also find people from many other backgrounds. We welcome and respect students from any (or no) faith traditions.


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