What do you (a future Grebel resident!) need to know in light of COVID-19?

1.  Grebel residence applications are currently being accepted and group interviews (part 2 of our application process) will happen online   
2.  Even though you can't visit us in person at the moment - there are many ways to experience Grebel virtually - check us out to see if we're a good fit for you!

Grebel is far more than a place to eat, study and sleep. We want you to be involved! In fact, it's been shown that a dose of extra-curricular involvement helps you be successful academically.

 Grebel’s residence program requires an application and interview. We would love to see you get involved in the countless activities taking place here. We strongly encourage you to apply before the end of May

Conrad Grebel Student Council works in consultation with the Director of Student Services to oversee student initiated programs, manages the student activity fee, funds a wide range of extra-curricular activities, and contributes in setting the direction of college life.

Student Council has brought upgrades to the student lounges including furniture and electronics and games, upgrades to the building specifically things like wheelchair accessibility in the Great Hall, policy changes including the annual switching of males/females on the third and fourth floor, Flap Jack Fridays, ​Mocktails, dances, and so much more!

The Larger Leadership Team (LLT) is an extension of Student Council. LLT consist of a group of students appointed to represent specific interests within the Grebel student body. LLT has been responsible for such things as solar panels on the roof, Harmonie for Haiti (a fundraising initiative), and Grebelwear. Representatives from many Grebel clubs sit on LLT, including Special Projects, Food Rep, Athletic Reps, Gents, QuAQ, Grebelspeaks Editors, FLOW, Environment Reps, Solar Grebel, Peace Society, and Yearbook.

Informal involvement is exhaustive (not exhausting). Students at Grebel are always creating new ways to get involved. This type of involvement could include but is not limited to: retreats, theme nights, banquets, patio hockey, volunteer initiatives, working with a start-up, chapels, canoe trips, reading week trips, bible studies, intramurals, coffee houses, art exhibits, club, yoga, french club, dessert night, TED talks, book club, mocktails, and dances.


Clubs at Waterloo

Whether you're looking for a social, charitable, academic, religious, political, or cultural club, one of our clubs is bound to suit your interests.

And if there isn't a club that matches your interests, you can gather a group of friends and start your own club!


Sports and recreation

If you're looking a great way to keep in shape and have fun, join a varsity team or Campus Recreation program. It's also a great way to make new friends, get involved on campus, and simply enjoy yourself.
Check out the article on Lukas Wormald - Waterloo Warrior swim team member and Grebel resident!
Campus Recreation seeks to meet the needs and interests of the diverse campus population. Physical activity is a necessity for a healthy lifestyle - Waterloo provides games and activities for men's, women's and co-recreational play in an effort to promote a relaxed and friendly environment.

Waterloo has outstanding Athletics & Recreational Services to meet the needs of all students. Recent highlights include:

  • One of Canada's most diverse campus recreation programs with approximately 250 programs
  • The largest number of student employment opportunities on campus
  • 32 varsity teams (men's and women's) in 19 sports
  • Coaches and training facilities that rank among the best in Canada
  • 97 provincial championships and 8 national championships