Finding Home Away from Home

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Move-In Day 2021

Each year, Conrad Grebel University College welcomes new students into its vibrant community and becomes a home away from home. Grebel’s residence is enthusiastic, welcoming, and dedicated to helping students grow and connect with others. “From a parent's perspective, the community is amazing at Grebel. Community makes a huge positive impact on mental health,” said Evelyn Fehr, parent of Cole and Sydney. “Also, you know that your kids will never go hungry. They do not have to shop for groceries or cook, leaving more time to focus on their studies.” 

“It felt somewhat bittersweet to have each of our children enter a new and exciting phase of life,” reminisced John Lingertat and Jennifer VanLeeuwan, parents of Paul, Oliver, and Sebastian. “However, it always felt really good that they were entering an environment that was both dynamic and supportive, and into a faith-based perspective.”  

“We felt that all the members, including students, live like a family, as Aradhna usually shares,” said Paul Karwal. “There is no discrimination. She has more confidence and her fear regarding going far away from family is less now.”  

Mixing upper-year and first-year students in the Grebel residence is one of the unique features of Grebel. Students stay at Grebel beyond their first year and carry on the culture of joy and acceptance. “Grebel has it all: amazing friends, great food, special events, and caring upper-year students and staff to help along the way,” shared Brenda Bradley, parent of Kate. “This is the residence experience we all wish we'd had when we were at university.” 

Grebel is a close-knit community where students from all backgrounds are supported and valued. Grebel helps students get out of their comfort zone and create a memorable university experience. “Both our children and ourselves have always felt that the Grebel community is strong, supportive, welcoming and communicative,” reflected John and Jennifer.  

“Grebel has allowed Kate to form deep friendships,” said Brenda. “Her life is woven into the lives of others in a way that will last beyond her university years.” 

By Ashitha Mantrawadi