Grebel Offers Thought-Provoking Courses this Fall

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Grebel Courses

What is beauty and why is it important? How do human rights and humanitarian law preserve peace? How do gender politics influence the global foodscape? Why has the Bible inspired so much violence? How did religious conflicts affect worship? How do social trends impact the art of sound? What can we learn from great musical works?

These questions are just a taste of what Grebel professors will explore with their students this fall.

Conrad Grebel University College administers the Music, Peace and Conflict Studies, and Mennonite Studies undergraduate programs at the University of Waterloo. In addition, Grebel professors teach History, Religious Studies, and Sociology courses. Grebel courses are engaging, intimate, and thought-provoking. And students are encouraged to broaden their world view by taking courses outside their immediate program of study.

Students can also earn additional course credit for participating in choirs and ensembles. The Music Department offers three choirs, chamber music and jazz ensembles, and Balinese Gamelan.

With lectures in close proximity to the Grebel residence, small class sizes, and friendly profs, what’s not to love? Students can mix and match to make their academic experience as unique as they are!

Below is a small sampling of Grebel courses for Fall 2018. See a complete course list.

Course Description
Understanding Music

MUSIC 100 Understanding Music
(11:30-12:50 pm, Tuesdays/Thursdays with Katherine Steiner in room 1111)

The styles, forms, techniques, and terminology of Western music through lectures and listening, as exemplified by great works from all eras of music history.

Music in Cultural Contexts

MUSIC 110 – Music in Cultural Contexts
(10:00-11:20, Tuesdays/Thursdays with Laura Gray, Maisie Sum & Mark Vuorinen in room 1208)

From the music of Medieval monasteries, to gamelan music on the Isle of Bali, and a 20th-century concert with no music, find out more about the ideas, cultural traditions, and social trends that impact the art of sound. Work with a team of teachers who are passionate about their topics and love to share their knowledge and interests with students!    

Worship and it's Music

CMW 364/MUSIC 364/RS 358/TS 653Worship and its Music
(10:00-11:20 am, Mondays/Wednesdays with Katherine Steiner in room 1208)

Who needs worship? Join us to learn about how Christian worship from the early church through modern era has turned experiences of torture, religious conflicts, and music cultures into a sacrifice of praise to God. Explore how worship shapes your life, and learn how to design a worship service that confronts us with divine reality today.

Orchestration and Arranging

MUSIC 390 – Special Topics in Music: Orchestration & Arranging
(2:30-3:50 pm, Mondays/Wednesdays with Karen Sunabacka in room 1208)

The instruments of the orchestra are used to create classical concert music, film soundtracks and popular music. Learn about the instruments and voices of the orchestra, engage with orchestral music of the past and present and discover the art of composing for a contemporary orchestra!
Food, Culture, and History

HIST 224 – Food, Culture, and History
(1:00-2:20 pm, Mondays/Wednesdays with Jodey Nurse-Gupta in room 1208)

Ever wonder about the food on your dinner plate? In this class you will explore the food systems, modes of production, race and gender politics, cultural customs, environmental considerations, and other factors that have influenced our global foodscape. Special attention will also be paid to the Canadian context and your own personal food culture and history.

Food, Culture, and History

PACS 202/LS 271 – Conflict Resolution
(10:00-11:20 am, Mondays/Wednesdays with Keith Regehr in STC 20)

One of the most practical courses on campus: Gain new understanding of your conflicts and learn new ways to respond.

Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law

PACS 301 – Special Topics in Peace and Conflict Studies: Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law
(1:00-2:20 pm, Tuesdays/Thursdays with Lowell Ewert in room 1300)

Interested in learning how human rights and humanitarian law are essential for the preservation of peace?  Topics covered in this exploration will include key human rights treaties and principles, the laws of war, the conflict in Syria, and international criminal prosecution of war crimes. 

 Religion and the Arts

RS 225 – Sacred Beauty: Religion and the Arts
(6:00–8:50 pm, Mondays with Alicia Batten in room 1300)

This course examines the role of art and various art forms (including, for example, architecture, painting, calligraphy, gardening) in a range of different religious traditions. We explore questions of what beauty is and why it is important. There will be several guest speakers as well as an Islamic calligraphy workshop.

The Violence of the Bible

RS 335 – The Violence of the Bible
(10:00-11:20 am, Tuesdays/Thursdays with Derek Suderman in room 1300)

Why has the Bible inspired so much violence? This course explores how the Bible has been used to justify, and to oppose, violence in historical and contemporary contexts. It will address topics such as the crusades, slavery, the "conquest" of the Americas, apartheid in South Africa, the residential school system in Canada, gender violence, and the environmental crisis.

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