Lowell Ewert

Professor Emeritus, Peace and Conflict Studies (Retired 2020)
Lowell Ewert

Email: Lowell.ewert@uwaterloo.ca

BA, Tabor College, 1975
JD, Washburn University College of Law, 1978
LLM, American University College of Law, 1988

Research Areas:

Human rights and peace; human rights and business; the role of civil society as an essential element of peace; pacifism, enforcement of law and peace; the use and misuse of the law - law as a sword, law as a shield; disability and peace; a rights-based approach to development; and how all vocations and disciplines contribute to sustaining peace.

Courses Taught:

ARTS 140 - Lawyering Justice
PACS 101 - Peace is Everyone’s Business
PACS 202/LS 271 - Conflict Resolution  
PACS 301 - Special Topics: Disability and Peace
PACS 301-01 - Special Topics: Promoting Peace in Perilous Times
PACS 301-02 -
Special Topics: Peace and Policing
PACS 301-03 - Special Topics: Human Rights, Humanitarian Law and International Criminal Prosecution
PACS 302 - Special Topics:
Math for Good and Evil
PACS 318 - Peace-Building, Human Rights and Civil Society
PACS 324 - Human Rights, Peace, and Business
PACS 328 - Fair Trade
PACS 401 - Senior Honours Seminar

PACS 603 - Building Civil Society
PACS 620 - Special Topics: Human Rights and Humanitarian Law for Civil Society Practitioners