It's easy to reach a representative from WatPD and/or WatPD-Engineering if you have a question, comment, or concern.

Questions about Engineering PD courses

The best way to connect with someone about Engineering-specific PD courses is to email the respective course teams using the addresses below:

Questions about elective PD courses

If you're looking for information or contacts for a specific elective course, we recommend starting with the relevant course page. You can also consult WatPD's staff directory to find the full-time staff member responsible for coordinating your course.

General questions or feedback about course operation and logistics

You can reach the general WatPD inbox at You can also consult WatPD's staff directory to find an appropriate full-time staff member for your feedback. Finally, you can submit feedback (anonymous or otherwise) using a feedback form on the WatPD website.

Questions about WatPD-Engineering

You can reach a WatPD-Engineering representative through the general inbox at You can also directly contact WatPD-Engineering academic director Sean Peterson at

Questions about academic exceptions, registration, and fail counts

You should contact your academic program advisor with questions about exceptions, registration, fail counts, and any other academic issues. If you're not sure who to contact, consult this list of Engineering academic advisors